Coming Soon: Douglas Pagan “Afrikromatic” Instrumentals” EP


(cover preview–final cover may be different)

Voltage Music is proud to present a new EP by Douglas Pagan of Recondite Music. Following 2012’s well-received “Compressed Funk” EP (featuring remixes from Aybee and Altered Natives), Pagan now ventures into moody IDM territory with his latest batch of tracks.

The “Afrikromatic” instrumentals EP [Catalog # VLT-014] features five original compositions (see tracklist below), including one song offered for free download. The EP will be released in early March 2014, and available via all major digital retailers.

Recorded using primarily analog synths and drum machines along with processed live guitar and effects, the EP was intentionally produced like a live session, rather than overly edited, to preserve Pagan’s improvisational and freeform compositional style. The EP was mastered by LA’s esteemed Darkart Mastering, using top notch signal processing software and gear. Look for more updates and goodies as the release date approaches.



1. Drive

2. The Solitary Life (of the Beatmaker)

3. The Face

4. Old Playas In Spacesuits

5. Slow Drag * (free download)

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