The Voltage Music label was started in 2000. I approached XLR8R Magazine publisher  Andrew Smith about collaborating on a label. He and I had been producing music together at the time as Live & Direkt. We released a track on a Ubiquity Records comp called No Categories Volume 1 and did a few remixes for other labels. Separately I had started recording my own broken beat and dub tracks using a first generation black PowerBook G3.

Voltage was launched with distribution via Groove in Chicago.  Andrew and I agreed on the motto “Dub For The Dancefloor,” which for us meant that the label would release dancefloor oriented records with a dub element, but not tied to any particular genre. Hence, over the years we’ve released dubby electro, techno, broken beat and dubstep.

Andrew and I pressed up Voltage 001, a 10″ vinyl single with two tracks I produced under the alias Double Identity. Double Identity represents my artistic duality as both a DJ/producer and musician. Another alias, Dub I.D. represents my purely dub and dubstep productions, while Double Identity is used for broken beat, jazzy and downtempo ideas.

Double Identity’s “Eastern Voice” and “On The Move” were on the first Voltage single, while Voltage 002 was Andrew “Professor” Smith’s electro-dub hybrid “Be There.”  From 2000-2005 Voltage released 10 vinyl 10″ and 12″ singles by Double Identity, Professor Smith, Jackie’s Army (Smith and Shockman), Douglas Pagan and Deep Alpha. Voltage singles  number 3 through number 10 each contained a remix, and those were collected on our 2009 digital comp “Dub For The Dancefloor: Voltage Remixed and Unreleased“. Andrew Smith decamped from the label business side in 2005, although he’s still considered part of the roster. In 2009 we released our first digital EP by Toronto, Canada’s Earlyworm. The EP features dubstep remixes by SF’s Roommate and Kush Arora.

In 2011 Shockman (whose excellent “Oh Mi Natty” was an exclusive on the Dub For The Dancefloor comp) will release his debut “Shock The Sound” EP in July with remixes from Bakir, Dubmatix, Earlyworm and Subatomic Sound System. We also have new music in hand from the self-described Afrocubist producer Douglas Pagan, new tracks from Earlyworm and a few up and coming producers to debut.  Check the Voltage Music Soundcloud page to hear some of our tunes.

– Dub I.D., December 2010

2 Responses to About

  1. Simon Nemanic says:

    Hello sir,

    My name is Simon and I’m a DJ from Ljubljana, Slovenia.

    Is there a chance to purchase a copy of this release somehow?


    There is only a single beaten up copy available online.

    Do you know maybe anybody who could have an extra test-press or a copy, so I can contact?

    Many thanks for any information,
    & all the best


    • voltagemusic says:

      Hi Simon — I’m really sorry, but this single is out of print on vinyl, and all we have is one test press at Voltage Music HQ! If I am able to in the future, I will repress — but that’s a just a possibility. It is available as a digital track on the Dub for the Dancefloor comp — available from all digital retailers, iTunes, Amazon etc. Thanks!

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